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Each year, every team gives a dynamic 12 minute presentation to a panel of guest judges from our sponsor companies, explaining their solutions and how their social enterprises are improving lives. Teams compete regionally and nationally, with one team from each country going through to the Enactus World Cup every year.



Experience firsthand how the Enactus World Cup shares insights, fuels innovation and drives global impact.

The final competitions are qualified from over 37,000 university students down to the National Champion teams from more 32 countries. Each team presents their projects of entrepreneurial action that are not only make a difference in the world, they have the momentum to create new careers, spark business innovation and deliver fresh energy for social impact.



Through diverse and fresh perspectives we focus on the positive power of business, entrepreneurial action and social innovation to address the most important issues affecting the world.

This forum shares real progress in key areas which align with the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The energy created when world business leaders and influencers intersect with student innovators will fuel your experience, motivate personal change and drive new ideas.



Celebrate diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and the synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.

Throughout the event you will come to know the excitement and passion that is realized when a group of people who are personally invested in each other, and the lives of the people whom their work is intended to serve, gather together to recognize, encourage and celebrate one another and the infinite possibilities for people, planet and prosperity.

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